These reviews aren’t critical analyses of the films, nor are they be-all-end-all critiques. The main purpose of these little blurbs is to pique interest in this kind of cinema, and help the average cinema-buff find movies to see. I doubt I’ll ever even surpass 500 words for a review’s body, because I’m lazy and I’m sure people don’t like reading long reviews. You’re probably just going to skip to the score and scorecard anyway.

I usually avoid screenshots because they can act as spoilers. Don’t ask me for download links. You can find most of these films on the internet. Buy them if you can.

The scores are totally arbitrary based on my opinion, so no reason to complain about them being unfair or stupid. I probably don’t always agree with the scores I give anyway, but a lot of people seem to think it can help them decide whether to see a movie or not. But if you must know..

0 – A crime against humanity
1 – A total waste of celluloid
5 – You can see it if you want to, I guess. I wouldn’t.
6 – A decent movie that’s mostly flawed, with some good moments
7 – A good movie, though it has some flaws
8 – A great movie that you should see if you get the chance
9 – A must see; a masterpiece; blabla
10 – The absolute most perfect movie in the history of forever

And for the scorecard… I guess it’s pretty much the same. But if you must know…

F – Barf.
D – Didn’t work for the film at all
C – A passing grade
C+ – Good, but with obvious (but generally unobtrusive) flaws
B – Shows skill and competence, but lacks that tiny extra oomph
B+ – Great! I truly enjoyed that. Fit the movie well.
A – Absolutely perfect for the movie, and beautiful too

Also! I consider movies for what they are. So a slapstick comedy scoring a 9, and a Kurosawa scoring an 8 doesn’t mean that the comedy is better. It just means that for a comedy, it must be one of the best. And an 8 for Kurosawa must mean that it is subpar or average compared to other films in his oeuvre. But I suppose the scores should be comparable. Stop thinking about it too much.

So yeah, no complaining.


Questions That No One Asks But I’m Giving Answers to Anyway

What is this place?
This is a review site dedicated to Asian films, primarily Chinese and Japanese films.

What does “some words some places” mean?
There are words and there are pictures of places. Something like that. It’s an old moniker that I’ve grown attached to.

What kind of films do you review?
I will mostly review less known, less popular films. Not because I’m cool (even though I am), but rather to help other people find more interesting movies to see. There are already bazillions of reviews for popular films anyhoo.

Why are your reviews so simple you idiot?
The reviews focus on interesting qualities of the movies, trying to avoid giving out spoilers. They don’t analyze the film in depth, and they aren’t academic studies of the film either. They are supposed to create interest in the movies, not explain them.

What gives you the authority to review them?
I watch tons of movies. That’s about it. It’s not like I’m lecturing about film theory.

No Kurosawa, no Naruse, few Ozus, few Mizoguchis, no _____, no _____ no _____ bla bla, you must have bad taste in movies?
Famous films by famous directors already have a bazillion reviews floating around the internet. A bigger contribution is made by reviewing previously unreviewed or barely reviewed films in English.

Are you sexy?

Your reviews are mostly very positive. You must have very low standards.
Not really. I just try to be very positive, and prioritize discussing a movie’s good qualities over their negatives. And why would I waste my time with bad movies, anyway?

Where did you steal your banner from?
I took that picture at Namtso Lake, in Tibet. I change the banner once in a while so it’s gonna be pretty annoying to change this answer whenever I do.

Did you take all of the pictures on this site?
Yep, all of them.

Who designed this place?
I did. Standard theme + some small changes = not the prettiest thing to look at.

Where can I find these movies?
On the internet, you can find almost anything. Search google. Most of these are available on DVD somewhere. Some of the rarer ones… well, they’re around the internet somewhere for sure. If anyone can find Chuji tabi nikki / Diary of Chuji’s Travels from 1927, inform me immediately.:D

Can I use your content for personal reasons?
I’ve no idea why you’d ever want to do that, but for the reviews, go ahead. I’d love free publicity too.

I’d like to recommend you a movie.
Go ahead. Post it here if you’d like, just don’t expect me to review it immediately, or at all. :p

Can you recommend me more movies?
Uh, ok. Just ask?

I love you please marry me?
Sure, but you’re going to have to support my movie obsession and fund my DVD buying sprees.

If you have more questions… okay fine, go ahead and ask.