Bored at work, I decided to run a couple of famous directors through WordPress’ search engine to see how many articles have been written about the following people. I typed the names without quotation marks to maximize the number of finds. Here’s what I got.

As of: Friday, May 29, 2009

hiroshi shimizu 141 results **
yasujiro ozu 432 results **
hideo gosha 34 results **
hou hsiao hsien 497 results
shinji aoyama 60 results *
nagisa oshima 249 results *
kon ichikawa 187 results
masaki kobayashi 202 results **
yamanaka sadao 19 results **
kenji mizoguchi 310 results
masahiro shinda 38 results *
eiichi kudo 6 results **
yoshishige yoshida 21 results
kaneto shindo 53 results
kinugasa teinosuke 37 results *

* – My site is shown first
** – My site is shown in the first page

In comparison (a.k.a directors I thoroughly dislike)
ron howard 8,354 results
zhang yimou 1,170 results
ang lee 4,990 results

Of course, I didn’t expect the first set of directors to out-search the more famous names… but I thought that there would at least be a good number of cinephiles/cineastes/etc on the blogosphere (I use this word in jest, btw). For some reason I think these people would feel compelled to write about less known and under-appreciated artists. I guess that’s why I started this thing in the first place. Oh well! It’s nice seeing this site on the first page of results, at least.