So, for some reason I am part of this Japanese cinema blogathon over at wildgrounds.com. It’ll run from June 15th – June 21st, which means my laziness will be angry with me this whole week. Which might not be so bad, if only it didn’t have absolute control over my creativity.

So, uh, yeah. Read reviews and shit.

New this week:
15 June
Samurai Revolution Trilogy
Eien no hito / Immortal Love
Abare Goemon / Rise Against the Sword!
16 June
Kamyu nante shiranai / Who’s Camus Anyway?
Nemuru otoko / Sleeping Man
17 June
Kokyô / Home from the Sea
18 June
Ten Women, One From Each Decade (1920-2009), Who I’d Totally Go Out With (Not 100% Japanese, sorry?)
19 June
5 Random Lesser-Known Jidaigeki or Chambara 01
21 June
5 Random Lesser-Known Jidaigeki or Chambara 02

And that’s it! 9 reviews or articles in a single week. You gotta admit that’s pretty impressive. Now, to take a week off? You can check out the blogathon here.